• Diana


Food, glorious food. Oh how I do love to try new food!

I've heard whisperings about the Donkey Shed for some time but only recently had the chance to sample it for myself. I'm not a particularly fussy eater; I'll try most things once and I'm open to new cuisines and traditional dishes... so long as it doesn't involve a mug of milk... bleurgh.

Growing up in a rural Eastern European village, my palette was accustomed to local rustic dishes- no complex flavours, no fancy shmancy ingredients, just good ole home grown organic produce full of flavour... and that's exactly what you'll find here at The Donkey Shed at Newbarn Farm. An affordable menu that has something for everyone from delicious fresh salads to something a little more naughty. We had the Newbarn Salad (with chicken) and the Sausage and Bacon gourmet sandwich to share, accompanied by a side of chips and garlic bread and it was more than enough to keep our rumbling tummies satisfied. The portions are generous, the food delicious, fresh and affordable and the coffee divine- I'm looking forward to the next trip already when I'll definitely be saving some room to sample their dessert menu which offers everything from sticky toffee pudding to fruit crumble and maple chocolate pecan pie... mmm!!

The Donkey Shed was once actually a donkey housing shed and is perfectly located on a working farm which means your trip can't possibly end without a wander round to meet the animals... pigs, chickens, goats and yep... you've guessed it... donkeys! The perfect family afternoon outing... and all just 25 minutes away from town!

Loved it.


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