• Diana


Would you believe I very nearly missed out on the gig of a lifetime?

I've been so busy these past few months, time just seems to melt away so when the Spice Girls tickets went on sale... well didn't I completely forget to get online and snap some up for myself (despite reporting at the Press Conference when their Dublin gig was announced)!!

Luckily, Steve saved the day when I had a last minute reality check that my inner child would forever remain incomplete if I missed the chance to spend an evening in the company of my 90's idols.

And my, oh my, what a night it was!! Despite some much documented sound issues in Croke Park, the gig was everything I could have wanted it to be.

From the dazzling costumes, to the phenomenal staging and the incredible, notalgia-enducing tunes... I was in my element!

I really didn't want to be THAT girl welling up at the gig but truthfully? A ton of emotions took over me when Viva Forever began to play.

Never in my wildest dreams did eight-year-old me think I would one day see them live in concert... and yet, there I was! I'm not one to get overly emotional at concerts usually but there was something really special in the air that night and as hard as I tried to contain the lip quivers.... they took full hold!!

We've all got a Spice Girls memory and for me, it was travelling to Moldova during my summer holidays and spending the long evenings teaching my friends back home the dance moves to Spice Up Your Life and Wannabe...

... and the hours of fun I had in my family living room making up routines in my ankle-twisting skyscraper platform shoes as I listened to Baby, Ginger, Scary, Sporty and Posh on full blast on my WalkMan!

One thing that struck me re-visiting those iconic songs as an adult though is the pure filth of some of the lyrics...! I mean if only I had known back then the true meaning of what I was proudly singing at the top of my voice walking down the streets of Dublin!!

And now that the 90's itch has been scratched, Backstreet Boys is next on my list!

Anyone with me?!

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