• Diana


I've been terrible at reading lately.

Between moving, keeping up with meetings, personal commitments and at times finding it really hard to concentrate - we'll "blame" the sunshine, I've found myself reaching less and less to my beloved books.

This week, I've made sure to make the time again and I've really enjoyed escaping to another world.

This is my first Louise O'Neill book. I bought it a few months ago in Glasgow upon recommendation from a Louise O'Neill super fan working in Waterstones and although I'm not that deep into it yet- I'm really enjoying this novel which focuses on obsessive love, lust and infatuation. I'll post a review when I've read it in full but if you're looking for something to dip into while enjoying the glorious weather, this might be a good option. Although if you're in search of a light and fluffy read, don't let the title mislead you- it's anything but!

I'd describe myself as a binge reader at the best of times. If a book grips me from the first page- I'll read it cover to cover in one sitting where possible. With Almost Love it's a slightly different experience. I'm gripped (that's for sure) but it makes for grittier reading meaning less binging and more stepping away from it every now and again before allowing curiosity to take over and going back in for more. It could be the subject matter or perhaps the protagonist Sarah who is a little hard to bare for me... or maybe just my own busy mind- I'll let the story unfold before I come back with a proper review!

Diana x