• Diana


I wish I was a dancing queen. I mean in my head, I'm a pirouetting goddess but the videos I've seen recently would suggest otherwise and who I am to argue when there's hard evidence for all to see?

I've signed up to a dance contest. April 14th is the big day and all of a sudden it's creeping up faster and faster. We've got three weeks left till the big day and the prospect of shimmying my way through 2 minutes of a routine in front of an eager crowd is keeping me up at night... with excitement!

It's been incredibly fun learning a new skill, challenging myself and making new friends in the process. I'd honestly be lost without my encouraging dance partner Leroy, who is a true bundle of positivity; reminding me to "trust my brother" every weekend when we step into the dance halls of Liffey Trust Studios and I find myself flung across the room in ways I never imagined.

I mean, you should SEE the lifts. (..!!) - I've yet to find the courage to try them.

"It's not you- it's me," I told Leroy the first time our dance teacher Aisling demonstrated our full routine.

"Why don't we practice our steps for now and we'll try the lifts next week," I suggested, chancing my arm (I got away with it!).

I'm genuinely afraid to give them a go but this weekend is gonna be make or break. Hopefully more make than break- we need to be in one piece for show day!!

We're dancing the Charleston, Leroy and I. Or at least, we're trying to! I have so much respect for professional dancers- and everyone who takes part in the likes of Strictly and Dancing with the Stars... I don't know how they deal with the pressure of having to perform a new routine every weekend. It always looks so effortless on the telly and I can only imagine the sense of pride and relief once the lights come back on and the music stops!

We're dancing in aid of breast cancer research, helping to raise funds and awareness for the wonderful work being done by Breast Cancer Ireland. I can't think of a better cause and I can't wait to shake it on the dance floor...! There's lots of amazing people taking part from cancer survivors to patients in the middle of treatment, dance fanatics, some familiar faces like James Patrice, Thomas Crosse, Ciara Doherty, Bláthnaid Ní Chofaigh and total newbies like me!!

I'll be sure to post an update closer to D-Day and of course- after, but in the meantime if you've a few pennies spare and are feeling generous, throw Leroy and I some spare change and help support a brilliant charity making a massive difference in cancer research, helping to save many lives.


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