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It's no secret I'm a huge nerd when it comes to books- I have been since I was a child and discovered the magic of libraries. I don't think I've ever been more excited about anything than the day the librarian upgraded me to a new account, meaning I could take home 10 items instead of 3. I exhausted that system to the max, lugging home all sorts of wonderful books in my schoolbag; back aching under the weight of hard backs and paperbacks, audiocassettes and the odd reference book I snuck into my pile to make me feel more 'adult'.

Even during my college years, books were my release. The most stressful of days could be salvaged by a trip to the bookstore where I'd wander for hours between the isles, wondering how on earth I could choose just one to take home with me. In more recent years though, I've read less and less- my phone sucking away much too many hours of my mornings and evening. Yep, I've fallen massively into the trap and whilst it's amazing to be able to have so much information in the palm of my hand, I've been feeling the effects of it in recent times, my mind clogged with too much nonsense and jargon, so much so I'd be up till all hours tossing and turning and reverting back to the very thing that was causing the problem.

This new year I'm focusing on self care and adopting a healthier more satisfying routine and that for me means reading more and embracing the magic of books- being transported to different worlds, broadening my mind and learning new things.

My first read of 2018 was a thriller called The Couple Next Door. I can't tell you how enjoyable and lovely it was to curl up on the sofa with bottomless cups of tea, reading the entire novel cover to cover in the space of an evening. I felt really satisfied turning over the last page and hungry to read more. It had been a while since a book gripped me so much and that's down to Shari Lapena's uncomplicated style of writing; easy to read but not lacking in twists and turns and sophistication. I loved it- it gave me just the right level of chill up my spine to keep me engrossed and wanting to know more.

I've since moved on to Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman and never have the opening chapters of a book charmed me more! I know we're all super busy, impatient little cretins these days so maybe spending time in a bookshop scanning the shelves for a good read is unappealing... but I've figured out the perfect solution from the comfort of your couch- iBooks! Just the other night I read some sample chapters of a few books on my phone and made a list of the ones that I loved for future reading. I'm sure you too have felt that disappointment of opening a new book that doesn't seem to flow or grip you from the get go... that's where iBooks sample chapters are a god send- you'll know straight away if the writing style is up your street or not.

I'll write a review of Eleanor Oliphant once I'm done, but for now happy reading and let me know your recommendations!

From one bookworm to another,

Diana x

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