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Ah, the 90’s.

1. When sick days meant hours of Jenny Jones repeats on the sofa...

2. Followed by Sally Jesse Raphael...

3. And Ricki Lake!! QWEEN.

4. When bowls weren't just a kitchen utensil...

5. And brillo pads had their moment to shine too!

6. When wardrobe dilemmas were non-existent because... shell tracksuits...!

7. Teamed with your favourite pair of platform trainers...

8. Because y'know... the girls said it was cool.

9. When the Spice Girls made you really, really, wanna zig-zig-ah (whatever that meant)...

10. Although their moves didn't have a patch on Boyzone.

11. And school? Well 90's kids brought their A-game to the classroom... they don't make them how they used to anymore.

12. Also, Maths was much more fun in those days *eye roll*

13. Remember when polyphonic ringtones were everything?

14. Luckily you had a slick mobile phone to play them over and over and over and over... usually at the back of a bus.

15. But it wasn't all bad, because- SNAKE. The greatest game of all time. Ever.

16. Speaking of video games (we were, weren't we?) Sonic ruled...

17. And your Sega Megadrive was your most prized possession... well, unless you were a Nintendo kid!

18. Oh yes, the 90's were very tech savvy days. We had it all. Dial-up internet...

19. Floppy discs...

20. And even music on the go...

21. Let's take a moment for the WalkMan.

22. Of course it wasn't the only coveted thing. We had Mr Frosty...

23. And (not-creepy-at-all) reproducing jelly aliens...

24. Cute and adorable Furby's...

25. And needy electronic pets...

26. Food also has it's moment. I mean, remember Lunchables? Mmmm... additives.

27. And Sunny D. (Which actually turned a kid orange once.)

28. I, for one, was addicted to TubbleGum.

29. And Melody Pops.

30. Although maybe you preferred savory. If you're not a fan of Meanies, we cannot be friends.

31. If the 90's knew anything though, it was how to do cereal. What I wouldn't do now for a Lion King colour-changing freezable spoon.

32. Oh- oh- oh! Remember Goosebumps? "Beware", they warned, "you're in for a scare." Ooooh-er.

33. Then there was "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" And I was. VERY.

34. Back then Nickelodeon was the absolute best.

35. I wanted to BE Alex Mack. With her cool hat. And radioactive-ness #goals

36. Although if I got to smooch Farm Boy Harvey, I'd totally settle for Sabrina.

37. Also. Imagine how quick getting ready in the morning would be...

38. Ooops, tangent. Where were we? Oh yes, Kenan and Kel...

39. Grown-up telly wasn't so bad either. I learned everything I needed to know about dating from Blind Date.

40. And Mary Kate & Ashley movies (their Playstation games were mega, FYI).

41. While we're here. Can we take a moment for Art Attack. The craftiest show of all time.

42. Thanks.

43. Theme Hospital made my 90's. Zapping the rats was the best part.

44. Oh. And Home Alone. (Even though Donald Trump bagged a cameo)

45. But the greatest thing about the 90's was the freedom of childhood.

46. (And this super cute photo of my fella.)

47. And so he'll forgive me, here's one of me too. Stylin'.

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