My name is Diana, I am an author (award winning!), journalist and TV maker who was born in Moldova, grew up in Ireland and lived a bunch of interesting places. I'm a mish-mash of cultures and I wouldn't have it any other way!


I've hosted live children's TV for years, grilled stars on red carpets, produced documentaries, worked with brilliant charities as ambassador and campaigner, published a book and presented my own BBC Player mini-documentary series amongst many other things in my 31 years on the planet.

work as a full-time journalist with EVOKE but this place is a space for me to jot down my thoughts it and when I remember. I'm happiest surrounded by people I love, working on projects I'm passionate about and helping to make a difference - big, small or somewhere in between.

I love cheesy music, going to gigs, exploring new places, reading, crying over romantic movies and pretty much anything pickled. 

Happy reading!


BTW, my professional website is www.dianabunici.com